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Emotional Aspects of Obesity: Theoretical and Experiential

  • 09/17/2022
  • 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom


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PRESENTER:  Roni Maislish, MSW

Saturday, September 17, 2022

10:00 AM - 1:30 PM ET

(Registration begins at 9:45 AM ET)

 Virtual ZOOM

(Streaming from Israel)


The seminar will include 2 parts: the first theoretical and the second experimental (during mindfulness eating)


How many times have you been surprised by overweight patients telling you to "fix them quickly," even though they’ve spent years trying to lose weight, with weight loss followed by weight gained back? How many times has your faith in your patient turned to anger and frustration, feeling he or she is not committed enough to the process? And how many times have you felt unable to understand empathically (near-experience) why these patients don’t keep fighting, or controlling or avoiding when necessary? And how many times have you told yourself something is missing?

Roni Maislish, M.S.W., presents the exploration of the "food and eating issue" not as a "problem to solve" but as a unique way that a specific person uses to "tell his story" while he integrates and keeps safe his "self." And from the therapist’s listening stance, Mr. Maislish explains how patients are helped to find their own subjective way toward healing their wounded, un-developed and neglected self, meanwhile restoring their natural and true self.

Mr. Maislish will present the theoretical perspective of "Self-Psychology," in which defense and resistance is seen not as something the therapist needs to break, remove, or overcome. On the contrary, he will explore the emotional reasons behind the weight gaining process as a sign of a depressed self struggling to survive in a non-emphathic world. New possibilities are thus opened up to understand the patient's pain, to find beauty in his defensive-structure (his overeating patterns), and to develop the patient’s self-ability to heal and grow himself.

For his Experiential component, Mr. Maislish will ask each attendee to have on hand a few types of food available to eat, giving the feeling of choosing from a buffet. Attendees will experience the connection of their relationship with food/eating to other relationships (family, marriage, career, friends, money, faith and more).


Roni Maislish M.S.W. is a psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker. Since 2005, Mr. Maislish has been working with overweight patients suffering with emotional issues stemming from childhood.

From 2007 on, his work as a therapist for emotional eating patients expanded to include leading groups for therapists and non-therapists, both short workshops and year-long dynamic-study groups. He became deeply involved in education-prevention roles: in schools including pre-schools; in eating disorders clinics, dietitian education, mental health departments, and much more.

Between 2018-2020, he worked in Tel Hashomer (Sheba) Hospital, Israel, in an overweight treatment center (part of the Endocrine Institute). And between 2006-2011, he treated eating disorder patients (and their parents) in Soroka University Medical Center, Beersheba, Israel.


  1. Approach obesity from a social-emotional perspective.
  2. Identify various theoretical paradigms applied to emotional eating issues.
  3. Use the Self-Psychology’s paradigm clinically as it relates to the obese person’s relationship with food and eating.
  4. Apply the term empathic self-object clinically.


10:00am-10:15am Welcome & Introduction
10:15am-11:00am PART 1 – Theoretical & Clinical Aspects of Obesity
11:30am-11:45am Break
11:45am-1:00pm PART 2 – Experiential: “Mindfulness Lunch”
1:00pm-1:30pm Discussion
1:30pm Adjourn

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